About Us
We offer a wide variety of rides, games and food concessions for both outdoor and indoor events.

All of our rides are clean and appealing to the public. Each ride has a sign indicating the number of tickets required, unless the ride is operating under a “Pay One Price” promotion. Each ride has the height requirements and health restrictions posted. A ride inspection will be done prior to opening to the public by the New York State Department of Labor; pre-trip inspection will be performed on each ride, each day before opening to the public.

Refuse is collected from in and around the concessions, rides, and games areas assigned to our company and placed in receptacles provided by our committee.

Our show has a dress code that is implemented. All of our staff is well groomed. Our staff also will conduct good rapport with the public.

All of our games are those of skill. Our prizes are not permitted to be sold or given away to the public by any concessionaire/vendor traveling with our show, if those prizes are deemed to be inappropriate by the committee.

As a courtesy to our patrons we offer benches for them to relax on, centrally located ATM's for their convenience and character garbage cans for their refuse.

We also offer a comfortable four person ticket box fully equipped with both heat and air conditioning to allow the ticket sellers to be more comfortable.

All of our employees are covered by workman's compensation insurance as required by the New York Department of Labor and Industry. We provide liability insurance for each event, with one million dollars in coverage.